Free TikTok Likes (GET FREE TIKTOK LIKES 2022)

 Free TikTok Likes (GET FREE TIKTOK LIKES 2022)


Where do you start?

Sure, that all sounds cool… but how do YOU grow your influence on TikTok? Should you buy TikTok likes and followers to accelerate the growth of your account?

Let’s answer some of the most common questions related to this topic:

Can you buy likes on TikTok?

Yes, you can buy TikTok likes. In fact, there are numerous services that deliver likes for your videos in a matter of moments just by handing over your credit card.

The answer to whether you should buy TikTok likes is more complicated.

As with any perceived “gaming” of the system, you are putting your account at risk if you buy TikTok likes. However, if you are just new to TikTok it’s hard to generate credibility if you don’t have any engagement on your videos.

By buying TikTok likes you gain a sense of perceived credibility with other users which will increase the chance of real people engaging with your content and following you.

If you’re going to buy TikTok likes, I’d recommend doing so in small increments so that your account growth looks organic.

Is TikTok about views or likes?

Many people ask whether the TikTok algorithm favors likes, views, or something else entirely.

In the end, all engagement metrics matter.

When you post a new video to TikTok it is shown as a snippet to users in amongst other videos they are watching. The algorithm then determines how many times your video is watched, liked, commented on, shared, or downloaded. The more engagement your video gets in these early stages, the more likely it will be shown to others and make it onto the Discover Page.

But don’t expect too much straight away, this video on the Discover Page has 89K likes and 1.1k comments – that’s what it takes to get there:


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